Prof.Hemant Gupta is one of the distinguished consulting physicians in south mumbai, specialize in the area of Internal medicine, Cardiology and Diabetology with more than 2 decades of experience. He is a senior consultant/advisor/head at JJ Hospital (?), Bombay Hospital, Saifee hospital and Wockardht hospital. Dr.Hemant is also a recognized examiner for Post graduate exams-MD/FCPS/DNB and for under graduate students. Apart from the above, Prof Hemant is also the founder of…………… An outstanding clinician with excellent ability to diagnose problems and provide the right solution, Dr.Hemant is also involved in clinical research. He has under his credit more than 2 dozens of publications across various topics in general medicine. Dr.Hemant, a regular speaker to national and international symposium, has delivered many a lectures.


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Rhodoturula Glutinis Meningitis: a case report and review of literature, Mycoses journal, 2014.

Bone marrow fibrosis and metastatic prostae adenocarcinoma. BMJ case reports 2012,doi10.1136/bcr -2012-007348

An unusual case of central diabetes insipitus [cdi] associated with hyponatremia and periventricular iseahemia, asian journal of health and medical sciences, vol 1 no 1[43-47]

Multicentric evidences of immunological and clinical improvement with low cost immunomodulatory indugenious medicine in HIV disease, sixth international congress on ADIS in Asia and the pacific, poster, 5-10 Oct over 2001 Melbourne, Australia.

Low molecular weight heparin and mortality in acutely ill medical patients, original article, NEJM December 29, 2011. 2463-2472.

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Bi-temporal scalp, tip and tongue necrosis in giant cell arteritis, a rare presentation, Indian Journal of Dermatology, 2013; 58:328

Cerebral Venous sinus thrombosis; a great masquerader. Bombay Hospital Journal vol 53;2011 pg. 106

Polycythemia vera causing cerebral venous thrombosis, Bombay Hospital Journal vol52,2010 pg. 122

A rare case of mercurial encephalopathy. Bombay Hospital Journal .vol 53 no 4 2011pg 796

Adult onset stills disease , Bombay Hospital Journal, vol 54 2012 ;pg464

An unusual case of central diabetes insipitus [cdi] associated with hyponatremia and peri ventricular isheamia. RSSDI Nashik 2014 6 th-8th June ,8 annual conference.

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Best Doctors Award received on 26 Jan 2014 among all doctors in J.J. Group of Hospital, and Grant Medical College Mumbai

Ranker Bombay University – July 1999 (M.D.) (MED) Mumbai

An unusual case of Central Diabetes Insipitus [cdi] associated with hyponatremia and peri-ventricular isheamia. RSSDI Nashik 2014 6th - 8th June, 8 annual conference, BEST PAPER PRESENTATION AWARD

  • Pulmonary hypertension and throtoxicosis- a rare case report, at Innovation 2014, GMC Mumbai 24th March, affiliated with MUHS Nashik [Best Poster- First prize]
  • Zenker degeneration in a case of typhoid a rare presentation. Mapicon.2011, [ Best Poster]
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  • Workshop On GCP: Good Clinical Practice March 2001 – Hyderabad.
  • Workshop On Medical Teaching Technology16 – 18, September 2002. Somaiya Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai.
  • Workshop By ADA [American Diabetics Association] - A Post Graduate Course In Diabetology, 20 – 22 September 2002 at Hyderabad.
  • Workshop On Clinical Research; Global Perspective 19 - 20 March 2005, JJ Hospital [GMC] Mumbai.
  • Advanced CPR Course, Indian Society Of Critical Care Medicine, 13th National Conference , 7-8 Feb 2007
  • Workshop On Pharmaco vigilence Dec11,2012.G.M.C & Sir J.J. Group Of Hospitals, Mumbai
  • Joslin Diabetic Center, Workshop on Diabetes 2012; From Research To Clinical Practice, May 14-15 2012.Boston.
  • MMC School Of Management; Leadership Through Public Speaking - Oct 1995.
  • Indian School Of Business [I.S.B]- Transformational Leadership For Healthcare Management.
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Personal Information

Marital Status : Married
Date of Birth : 02/02/1972
Address : Madhuhans, Flat no. 10 , 2nd floor , Dr A.B. road, Worli, Mumbai -400 018.
Phone : (R) – 022-24373695/ 24106666. (M) – 9820095763 , 9870456888
Email : drhemantgupta@hotmail.com
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Research & Thesis

  • SLE (Systematic Lupus Erythemathicous) with Nephritis.
  • Study of role of highly sensitive CRP in acute coronary syndrome.
  • Renal biopsy analysis of young medical renal disease case.
  • Bone marrow analysis of more then 100 patients with retro viral disease, who walks in at Sir J.J. Group of hospitals, irrespective of their CD4 count.
  • Role of Amphotrecin B plus flucanozole VS conventional Amphotericin B in case of retroviral disease with crytococcal meningitis cases.
  • ROLE OF CD20 ANALYSIS in case of patients presenting with fever in ICCU setting.

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